《The Magic Flute》
Scene01. Prince Tamino plays his magic flute to summon Pamina and Papageno; its sounds tame the magical animals. 
Scene02.  Following the music,Papageno and Pamina are making their way toward Tamino.
Scene03. when Monostatos and his fellow slaves capture them. Papageno uses his magic bells to enchant his enemies, making them dance away.

Scene04. Pamina enters and tries to talk to Tamino, but Tamino undergoing a trial of silence, he can't answer. She leaves in despair.
Scene05. Papageno, still longing for a wife, plays his magic bells. Imagine what he thinks the perfect wife will look like.
Scene06. The queen awakens Pamina and gives her a dagger, ordering her to kill Sarastro. 

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